Longevity Risk Hedging & Transfer Made Easy

Vesttoo is a revolutionary risk-hedging and alternative reinsurance platform for Longevity Risk Market

Longevity Risk Transfer

Vesttoo is the world’s first risk transfer provider to focus on one of the industry’s most acute issues, working closely with insurers, reinsurers and pension providers to manage their longevity risk using the capital markets, providing the capital and risk management they need while reducing risk to policyholders

Game-Changing Digital Reinsurance

Vesttoo’s revolutionary digital platform for Alternative Risk Transfer provides immediate solvency relief for insurers & reinsurers and risk-hedging for pension providers through a proprietary platform that takes care of every aspect of the securitization process for longevity risk bonds

Why Vesttoo?

One-Stop-Shop for Insurers, Reinsurers & Pension Funds

Pension Funds:

Hedging from Increased Liabilities

Insurers & Reinsurers:

Full Collateralized SCR & Risk Margin Relief

No Counter-party Risk

Significantly Reduced Premiums

Upside Retention Forecast vs. Reality

Unlimited Capacity from Capital Markets

Flexible Solution

The Digital Path to Risk Management

Thanks to advanced algorithms, every aspect of the deal is digitally streamlined. Elaborate risk models developed by the Vesttoo platform practically eliminate basis and tail risk altogether, significantly benefiting capital relief and regulatory acceptance. Deal structuring and indemnity index calculation are also carried out by our proprietary technologies, ensuring an easy, efficient and digital path to risk management

Vesttoo's cutting-edge technologies are transforming the way risk is assessed, managed and transferred in the longevity market, providing a smooth, flexible and affordable alternative to traditional reinsurance

How does it work?

Vesttoo takes care of everything from risk modeling and pricing, deal structuring and indemnity index calculation to managing bonds and updating their index on our revolutionary indemnity index-based deal operating system

Insurers, reinsurers and pension funds work with Vesttoo to build an accurate risk model
Vesttoo’s proprietary engine structures the risk model, financial structure and indemnity index
Vesttoo distributes the securities on the platform and increases capacity to bond via capital markets and investment bankers
Indemnity index and bonds are managed on the Vesttoo platform with our indemnity index-based deal operating system
Risk is transferred to the capital markets for immediate solvency relief and liability hedging