Apac re/insurers welcome the alternative

Regulators in Asia have been busy creating frameworks for insurers to transfer risk to capital markets investors. Re/insurers are keen to tap this alternative source of capital, if the structures are right. David Walker reports
January 03, 2022
Reinsurance, Capital markets, Investment, Asia Pacific
ILS is growing in the APAC region

Originally published in InsuranceERM:

As extreme weather patterns in Asia become more erratic and new lines of underwriting introduce new risks to insurers’ books, the region’s industries are starting to approach capital markets investors to take some of their risk.

The underwriters want it. Investors want it. And supervisors from mainland China to Hong Kong and Singapore all want it, too.

Read more about what our CEO Yaniv Bertele has to say in regards to capacity growth in the APAC region.

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