Blog Invests in Vesttoo

January 08, vesttoo
Vesttoo is proud to announce that, which invests in the most connected and prominent leaders in the longevity economy field, has joined Vesttoo as a shareholder through an equity investment. Keep reading »

Vesttoo: Using AI to manage actuarial risk through the capital markets

January 05, 2021Vesttoo provides stability and capital in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic
Vesttoo provides a solution for the acute issues facing the insurance industry in today’s volatile economic environment, providing stability and capital in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. Vesttoo has developed advanced technologies for data-driven risk management, translating actuarial risk to financial risk through the capital marketsKeep reading »

Citigroup Selects Vesttoo to Participate in Prestigious Program

November 09, 2020Vesttoo Citigroup
Vesttoo was chosen to participate thanks to its strategic risk management solution, providing insurers with an affordable, efficient alternative to traditional reinsurance - for immediate capital relief, value enhancement and liability hedging.Keep reading »

Vesttoo Announce Participation in IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator

November 05, 2020Vesttoo and IBM Alpha Zone Logo
Vesttoo has been selected by IBM to participate in the 11th Class of the Alpha Zona AcceleratorKeep reading »

The (Value in) Force Awakens

October 28, 2020value in force, liquidity, value enhancement, VIF monetisation, VIF securitisation
Value in Force monetization via the capital markets is the tool insurers and pension funds need in the current volatile economic environment - providing capital at a much lower cost, increased liquidity and value enhancement, operational stability, and access to a broader market while providing investors with non-correlated investments with significant diversification benefits and potential for excess profits Keep reading »