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value in force, liquidity, value enhancement, VIF monetisation, VIF securitisation
October 28, 2020
Value in Force monetization via the capital markets is the tool insurers and pension funds need in the current volatile economic environment - providing capital at a much lower cost, increased liquidity and value enhancement, operational stability, and access to a broader market while providing investors with non-correlated investments with significant diversification benefits and potential for excess profits
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Strategic capital and risk management for rapid expansion and growth
August 31, 2020
Small to mid-size insurers are challenged to stimulate growth in today's competitive market. Specializing in unique areas of insurance while increasing digital offerings allows insurers to stand out from the competition and accelerate growth. Specialized insurers with growing GWP can utilize Vesttoo’s Risk Management Solution to release capital for rapid expansion and growth
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Excess of Loss over Quota Share Reinsurance
July 28, 2020
Insurers with significant P&C exposure can greatly benefit from Excess of Loss protection over Quota Share reinsurance deals, covering risk retention while providing capital relief and comprehensive de-risking at a lower price
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insurance, risk transfer, general insurance, insurtech, stochastic modeling
June 18, 2020
In the current formidable economic and regulatory environment, with global markets on the verge of recession, P&C insurers must find innovative methods to limit risk exposure and improve solvency ratios in order to control costs, stimulate growth and stay afloat. Vesttoo's stochastic modeling methods optimize de-risking solutions, lowering basis and tail risks while maximizing capital relief per dollar spent
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capital management, economic uncertainty, insurance
May 06, 2020
P&C insurers are currently facing unique challenges worldwide. Capital market solutions provide insurers with strategic capital relief at lower costs along with a competitive advantage in near-recessionary economic environments
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