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euro, old couple, longevity risk transfer market, pension
September 26, 2019
Longevity Risk Transfer began in the UK (which is still currently in Europe until further notice). Since then, the UK and the Netherlands have dominated the landscape, but new players have been emerging in recent years, opening new risk management opportunities
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machine learning, AI, insurtech
September 12, 2019
AI and machine learning technologies are transforming risk modeling. Automation, the capacity to process large amounts of data and the ability to constantly learn and adjust make these technologies an invaluable asset in the insurance space
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August 23, 2019
Index-based longevity risk transfer solutions are simpler, cheaper, more flexible and have a larger capacity, allowing cedents to transfer more risk to the capital markets at a lower price
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solvency relief, risk exposure, longevity risk, risk transfer, alternative risk transfer, capital markets
August 01, 2019
Capital markets have the capacity needed to offload the risk life and pension funds are exposed to due to the continuing rise in life expectancy. Securitization is more efficient and issuing is faster, making Alternative Risk Transfer to capital markets the best solution for solvency relief in the Longevity Risk Market
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Life Expectancy, pension funds, longevity risk, longevity risk market
July 19, 2019
The Longevity Risk Market, an exciting emerging market in the life/pension insurance space, has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, with demand only rising. But what is it exactly and how is the risk managed?
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