Governmental pension funds and reform: What is all the fuss about?

January 17, 2020retirement, pension, alternative risk transfer
Governmental pension schemes are facing a financial crisis. The current measures governments are taking are not sufficient to close the financing gap. Alternative Risk Transfer can offer a solution to bridge the financing gap.Keep reading »

Charles E.F. Millard Joins the Vesttoo Advisory Board!

December 23, 2019Charles E.F. Millard
Charles E.F. Millard, a seasoned Financial Executive with years of experience in the pension sector, joins the Vesttoo Advisory BoardKeep reading »

UK Pension and Insurance Providers’ Risk and Liabilities in Turbulent Brexit Times

December 02, 2019Brexit, UK, European Union
The past few years have been eventful in the UK Life/Pension markets. Brexit, new legislation and economic uncertainty have put increasing pressure on insurers and pension providers, stressing margins and increasing risks and liabilities. Is the longevity risk transfer market keeping pace? Keep reading »

Bigger & Better? The US Life, Annuity & Pension Markets and Their Longevity Risk

November 07, 2019map of the US with flag
The US life/annuity and pension markets are the largest in the world, as is the longevity risk they are exposed to. Financial conditions in the US have increased risk and liabilities even further, creating an acute need for creative de-risking solutionsKeep reading »

The Asian Longevity Risk Transfer Market Is the Next Emerging Market

October 17, 2019singapore, night panorama
A rapidly growing middle class and a spike in life expectancy, along with little-to-no governmental solutions, has left the Asian population searching for solutions for their ageing population in the private insurance and pension sector, presenting a huge opportunity for Longevity Risk Transfer solution providersKeep reading »