Hedging the next pandemic with parametric capital market solutions

Join us for a live webcast focused on hedging #pandemic #risk using #parametric triggers and capital markets capacity on May 25th 2021, at 10am EST!
May 11, 2021
Hedging the next pandemic with parametric capital market solutions
Hedging the next pandemic with parametric capital market solutions

As published on Artemis:

Vesttoo and Artemis have partnered to host a live webcast on May 25th 2021 where we will discuss and explain opportunities to hedge the next pandemic, using parametric risk transfer, facilitated through the use of data and technology, as well as capacity from the capital markets.

Register online here to secure your place at this free live webcast event.

Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the global reinsurance and retrocession market has strictly excluded pandemic risks from within contracts where exposure was once, often unintentionally covered.

But the upshot of the application of broad pandemic and communicable disease risk exclusions across the reinsurance, retrocession and insurance-linked securities (ILS) market, is that now many insurers and other organisations including corporates, now have little in the way of options to protect themselves against loss of revenue caused by pandemic related effects, including the implications of lockdowns or shutdowns of economic activity.

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Vesttoo, a technology company that uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions with the goal of helping companies assess and transfer risks to the capital markets, believes there is another way.

By embracing some of the parametric and index-based risk transfer techniques already used across the reinsurance, retro and ILS market, Vesttoo believes that hedges can be constructed that would both provide meaningful coverage for a financial or economic downside, as well as be appealing to risk capital providers, particularly those from the capital markets and ILS community.

So, in this Vesttoo sponsored webcast presented by Artemis, we will explore ideas around: how data and technology can help to make risk transfer options for pandemic exposure more possible; what are indexed mortality hedges and why can they be used to cover a range of exposures to P&C pandemic risk; what type of pandemic outbreaks can be covered using this solution; what role is there for the capital markets investors here; how to deal with and explain basis risk; and the underwriting appetite for these types of risk transfer products.

Expect a vibrant discussion on some of the opportunities to hedge future pandemics using parametric solutions.

This live and free-to-attend webcast event will be held at 10am EST (3pm BST) on May 25th 2021.

It will also be available on-demand, so if you can’t make the live broadcast it’s still worth registering for the webcast.

Registration is free and attendees can expect a vibrant discussion on some of the opportunities presented by parametric solutions for those exposed to climate related risks.

Joining moderator Steve Evans for this webcast are:

  • Yaniv Bertele, CEO, Vesttoo.
  • James Potter, CEO, Rokstone Underwriting.
  • Luca Tres, Head of Strategic Risk and Capital Life Solutions EMEA, Guy Carpenter.
  • David Bearman, CEO, Aventum Group; Chairman, Rokstone Underwriting.

We hope you will be able to join us for the webcast, please register now to secure your free attendance.