Society of Actuaries Insurtech Virtual Roundtable

Very excited to be participating in this event hosted by the Society of Actuaries! Tal Yanay Lederman, our actuary and business intelligence data analyst, will be presenting how she applies her actuarial knowledge at Vesttoo. Looking forward!
April 15, 2021
Society of Actuaries Insurtech Virtual Roundtable
SOA Insurtech Virtual Roundtable

A roundtable with incredibly innovative companies in the #insurtech space? Hosted by the Society of Actuaries?
Yes, please!

Liam Monaghan, from Ladder InsuranceAnne Petrides from Hippo Insurance, and Tal Yanay Lederman from Vesttoo will join moderator extraordinaire R. Dale Hall, with Chengchen Li from Penguin Benefits, Inc. in the next Inside Insurtech Virtual Roundtable.

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