Ari M. Paltiel Joins the Vesttoo Advisory Board!

Ari M. Paltiel, an expert on mortality forecasts and demographic research, joins the Vesttoo Advisory Board
September 05, 2019
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Ari Paltiel Joins the Vesttoo All-Star Advisory Board

Vesttoo is proud to announce the newest addition to our advisory board! Ari M. Paltiel is an expert on mortality forecasts and demographic research. In total, Ari boasts over 40 years of experience in socio-demographic research and mortality statistics, and his extensive experience is an invaluable asset to the Vesttoo team. In addition to the advisory board, he is currently a demographer and lecturer at the Braun School of Public Health, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Ari is also an active member in multiple governmental advisory committees on demography, mortality forecasts and estimation.

Ari has held various senior positions in the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics - Head of the Department of Statistical Quality Management, Senior Deputy Director of the Social and Welfare Statistics Department and Head of the Demography Sector. Ari also led the team conducting the first long-range population forecasts (50 years) for Israel (2009-2059), including the first long-range stochastic mortality forecasts for the country. Furthermore, he participated in a collaborative migrant mortality analysis as senior investigator with the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Ari joins the prominent experts already on our advisory board, executives from all areas of the global and regulatory insurance space, executive financial experts and executives from the global business arena. They are:

William Lowry

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William Lowry is a Senior and C-level executive in multiple reinsurance companies, expert of Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) and the former CFO of Swiss Re in the US. William brings significant experience in the management of insurance, reinsurance, ILS and insurance-related companies to the advisory board.

Emmanuel Pierron

Emmanuel Pierron has 20 years of experience in Insurance, Reinsurance and Innovation: risk, technique and big data, operations and new technologies. He has a strong interest and vast experience in the creation of activities, business and startups. Past roles: Chief Innovation Officer at KAMET (AXA Group’s VC), Chief Data Officer at AXA Group and Chief Technical & Claims Officer at Direct Assurance.

Steve M. Goldman

Steve Goldman is a partner at Kramer Levin Natfalis & Frankel LLP and an expert attorney who specializes in banking and insurance law. He is the former Commissioner of the NJ department of banking and insurance, dealt with corporate law at Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross PC for 22 years and sat on President Obama’s advisory committee.

Ofer Brandt

Ofer Brandt has over 30 years of experience in senior and executive roles in management, strategic and actuarial positions. He currently provides consulting services in actuarial and management projects in insurance and insure-tech startup companies. In the past, Ofer held the positions of Chief Actuary, Executive VP and member of the Management Board of Clal insurance.

Dr. Michel Léonard

Dr. Michel Léonard, CBE, is an economist and data scientist with 20 years of experience in insurance and finance. He is 3i’s Vice President & Senior Economist, as well as faculty at NYU and Columbia University. His past roles include: Principal & CDS at MaKroLLC, Chief Economist & SVP in Aon, Chief Economist & Data Scientist Alliant Insurance KKR and Global Business Advisory Council for the White House/State/Commerce.

Joseph Haviv

Joseph Haviv is the founder, chairman and managing member of Protostar Partners private equity. Additionally, he sits on the MC Square Capital advisory board, and is a lead investor of Constitution Reinsurance and Partner Reinsurance. In the past, he was a partner at McKinsey and Co. and VP at EXOR America, among others.

Tal Cohen

Tal Cohen is a tech entrepreneur, investor and strategic consultant. He currently manages Compass Blockchain Solutions. Prior to Compass, he held the position of CEO & co-founder of SirinLabs, as well as BU Manager of Trade at FXL, Industry Manager at Google, Associate at McKinsey, and CEO at Ibetcha.

Izzy Cohen

Izzy Cohen has over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry - mostly in executive positions. He was the CEO at Clal Insurance for over six years and CEO at Migdal insurance for over 10 years (Israel’s two largest insurance companies). Izzy previously held the position of chief executive officer for Africa Israel Industries Ltd. and Chief Executive Officer of Africa-Israel Investments Ltd. He was an active member on the board of various other companies.

Doron Shorrer

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Shorrer International Ltd, Doron Shorrer has been the head of 5 different companies. He is currently an Independent director at Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc., and sits on the board of another six companies. In the past career Doron was the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance in the Israeli Ministry of Finance. He also held the position of Chairman at Lito Group Ltd., Chairman at Israel Phoenix Insurance Co., Chairman at Mivtachim Pension Funds Ltd. and Chairman at The Phoenix Insurance Co. Ltd.

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