Longevitytech.fund Invests in Vesttoo

Vesttoo is proud to announce that Longevitytech.fund, which invests in the most connected and prominent leaders in the longevity economy field, has joined Vesttoo as a shareholder through an equity investment.
January 08, 2021
longevitytech.fund vesttoo
Longevitytech.fund invests in Vesttoo

The investment demonstrates the importance of Vesttoo's technology, which harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to forecast and price long-tail risks such as longevity, excess mortality, lapse, as well as Value-in-Force (VIF) monetization and excess mortality Industry Loss Warranties (ILW) and transfer them to the capital markets.

"We are very happy to have Longevitytech.fund on board. Their investment is a huge vote of confidence for Vesttoo's revolutionary risk modeling technology. Taking advantage of AI-based technologies to assess, price and transfer risk to the capital markets is the best way to bridge the insurance industry's funding gap and face the industry's challenges, especially post Covid-19 stress," said Yaniv Bertele, CEO of Vesttoo.

"We are excited to support Vesttoo's revolutionary approach to the conservative insurance industry. The aging population and the new scientific discoveries creates an unprecedented challenge for understanding and predicting future risks," said Petr Sramek, Managing Partner of Longevitytech.fund.

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Vesttoo specializes in data-driven risk management solutions for the P&C and L&P markets, using cutting-edge technologies to transfer general insurance, lapse, mortality and longevity risk to the capital markets, as well as VIF securitization and excess mortality ILW. The company provides insurers and pension funds with affordable, flexible and strategic risk transfer to the capital markets, while investors benefit from uncorrelated, high-yield investments with remote loss possibilities.

Using its cutting-edge proprietary AI and machine learning stochastic algorithms, Vesttoo creates highly accurate risk models and forecasts. Vesttoo transforms the way securities are structured, offered, and traded, providing an accessible, flexible, scalable, and affordable streamlined alternative to traditional reinsurance.

Longevitytech.fund invests in the best of worldwide longevity-related companies based on close cooperation with top scientists in the field of longevity-related insurtech and fintech, aging research and rejuvenation, biotechnology, bioinformatics, agetech, and related AI. The fund provides an active approach with entrepreneurial help, network and commercialization support.

The fund boasts decades of experience in building and mentoring high-tech start-ups, while its founders previously managed and exited multiple start-ups, including a start-up accelerator.

About Vesttoo:

Vesttoo has developed advanced technologies for data-driven risk management, transferring actuarial risk to financial risk through the capital markets. Vesttoo specializes in risk modeling and alternative risk transfer for the Life and P&C insurance markets, providing insurers with a low-cost strategic risk management solution for immediate capital relief, value enhancement and liability hedging.