Vesttoo Announces its Capital Market Team in EMEA

The team will consist of Javier Rivas, Jan Vilhemsen, and Marcus Astrom - all highly regarded directors with long-standing experience in business development. The team will be headed by Stefano Sola, the company’s Global Head of Capital Markets, and set to expand further with high-profile hires in the near future.
July 06, 2022
Vesttoo Announces its Capital Market Team in EMEA
Vesttoo Announces its Capital Market Team in EMEA

Tel Aviv, TKTKTKT - Vesttoo, a leading global alternative risk transfer and investment platform, announced that it had appointed Javier Rivas, Jan Vilhemsen, and Marcus Astrom to form the core of its capital raising team, led by Stefano Sola. 

Javier Rivas has held senior positions at Swiss Re, Credit Suisse and Willis Towers Watson and boasts over 17 years of experience in capital markets and reinsurance. He will be Vesttoo’s new Senior Director, Capital Markets EU.

Marcus Astrom, a former head of sales Middle East & Asia at East Capital, with over 16 years of capital markets sales experience, will be Vestoo’s new Director-Business Development Capital Markets, focusing on UAE and the Middle East.  

Jan Vilhelmsen, a former Managing Director at EWM Capital with over 20 years of capital markets sales experience, will be Vesttoo’s new Senior Director with responsibility for Capital Markets in northern Europe.

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“I am extremely pleased with the global team we are building,” says Stefano Sola, Vesttoo’s Global Head of Capital Markets. “Javier, Marcus and Jan each have a deep understanding of the products and institutional investors that play in our capital markets space.  They will continue to build on the momentum and high degree of interest that we are seeing for Vestoo’s alternative investment products. ILS is one of the few uncorrelated investment strategies, and developing its non-cat segments with the support of cutting-edge technology is a game-changer.”

“We have created a highly professional, highly experienced team to lead Vesttoo’s global sales,” said Yaniv Bertele, CEO and Co-Founder of Vesttoo. “While the market is experiencing a period of volatility, we move ahead. Jan, Marcus, and Javier bring a tremendous amount of professional knowledge to the table, and with it, they’ll surely propel Vesttoo’s growth.”

About Vesttoo

Vesttoo connects the insurance industry and the capital markets, by combining AI-powered technology with expertise in fintech, insurance, and asset management so that insurers have the capacity they need, and investors have opportunities to diversify with uncorrelated low volatility insurance risk. 

Since beginning to transact in late 2020, Vesttoo has generated close to $3 billion in capacity. Among its clients are well-established global insurers, renowned financial institutions, and large multinational brokers.

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