Vesttoo Hires ILS Industry Veteran Stefano Sola to Head its Global Capital Markets Team

Mr. Sola, the former CEO and Co-Founder of Rewire Securities and Merion Square Capital, will serve as the company’s Global Head of Capital Markets. He will manage a worldwide team dedicated to business development, including raising capital for Vesttoo’s Flagship Insurance-Linked Program and other investment products.
June 22, 2022
Vesttoo Hires ILS Industry Veteran Stefano Sola to Head its Global Capital Markets Team
Vesttoo Hires ILS Industry Veteran Stefano Sola to Head its Global Capital Markets Team

TEL AVIV, 22.6.2022 - Vesttoo, a leading global alternative risk transfer and investment platform, announced today the hiring of ILS industry veteran and investment executive Stefano Sola as the company’s Global Head of Capital Markets, leading a team dedicated to capital raising and business development in Vesttoo offices around the globe. He will also build and maintain relationships and partnerships with financial institutions, banks, investment banks, and funds to increase the capacity, asset allocation, sales, and distribution of Vesttoo’s financial products.

Mr. Sola is a seasoned C-Suite Executive with established experience in the international investment banking, asset management, and corporate sectors, as well as ground-up design, start-up, and management of new ventures, including licensed broker dealers and licensed investment advisors. He boasts an impressive track record in planning, implementing, and driving results through turn-around strategies, M&A activity, and IPO execution in different market cycles. He has an in-depth understanding and development of new corporate financing, capital raising, and investment strategies and successful implementation from both a corporate perspective as well as a banking and institutional investor one. 

Vesttoo is an industry leader in utilizing artificial intelligence to model non-catastrophe insurance-linked investments, providing insurers with additional capacity from the capital markets while providing investors with access to low volatility assets whose returns are uncorrelated to market trends. To this date, the company has provided over $2.5 billion in capacity for insurers, boasting significant profits in times where similar companies worldwide are struggling to stay afloat.

“It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the joining of Mr. Sola to our team,” said Yaniv Bertele, CEO and Co-Founder of Vesttoo. “His expertise and track record are second to none, and he is joining Vestoo at a crucial moment. We are constantly reminded of the importance of Vesttoo’s role in allowing investors to diversify their portfolios. Mr. Sola’s extensive experience in international finance and his deep relationships with major global financial and insurance institutions will help us expand our abilities and make our product more readily available than ever.”

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“Stefano is one of the best in his field and will achieve great things with Vesttoo,” said Jacques Aigrain, Chairman of Vesttoo’s Advisory Board and former CEO of Swiss Re. “Vesttoo is in a position to further develop the reinsurance industry, and Stefano is the right man to lead its business development as it extends the capabilities of its marketplace for Life and P&C insurance-linked investment products.” 

“It is extremely exciting to join Vesttoo at this time,” said Vesttoo’s Global Head of Capital Markets, Stefano Sola. “With the current financial atmosphere and potential recession on the horizon, they are only thriving and reaching new heights. I look forward to taking part in their ambitious vision and growth phase.”

As the Global Head of Capital Markets, Mr. Sola will be responsible for raising capital commitments for Vesttoo’s various products, including its flagship insurance-linked program (ILP), which will invest in a diversified portfolio of P&C insurance risks modeled by Vesttoo’s proprietary AI. In addition, he will grow Vesttoo’s brand recognition and relationships with banks and other financial institutions.  

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Vesttoo connects the insurance industry and the capital markets, by combining AI-powered technology with expertise in fintech, insurance, and asset management so that insurers have the capacity they need, and investors have opportunities to diversify with uncorrelated low volatility insurance risk.

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