Vesttoo Provides Increased Capacity from the Capital Markets to Large Lloyd’s Syndicate, in Conjunction with Acrisure Re

The UK Insurer signed a multi-class aggregate stop-loss treaty using Vesttoo’s innovative marketplace, which provides direct access to capacity from the capital markets, resulting in the deal finalizing in just over two weeks.
March 14, 2022
Vesttoo Provides Increased Capacity from the Capital Markets to Large Lloyd’s Syndicate, in Conjunction with Acrisure Re
Vesttoo Provides Increased Capacity from the Capital Markets to Large Lloyd’s Syndicate, in Conjunction with Acrisure Re

Vesttoo, a leading AI-based insurance-linked investment platform, is ramping up its risk-agnostic offering, modeling, structuring, and placing transactions covering low severity, high-frequency Life and P&C liabilities, providing increased capacity from the capital markets through to its AI-based marketplace. 

A large Lloyd’s Syndicate in the UK wished to place a multi-peril aggregate stop-loss treaty, with total subject gross net written premiums of $270 million. In conjunction with Acrisure Re, Vesttoo modeled, structured, and priced the risk, finalizing the terms within a bit over two weeks. 

The engine that enabled this transaction is Vesttoo’s marketplace, which was designed to provide coverage for any type of low-volatility insurance risk, as well as solutions for underserved segments of the industry.  To date, the company has structured transactions covering $2.2 Billion, and is targeting a $7 billion deal flow for 2022.

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“Vesttoo’s scalable solution answers a growing need in the reinsurance industry,” said Adam Hedley, Partner of Acrisure Re and Head of Global Products at Acrisure. “The future requires increased capacity, speed, accuracy, and the ability to expand coverage to underserved parts of the market, as well as additional perils. Capacity from the capital markets, coupled with technology such as Vesttoo’s, is the way forward.”

Thanks to the company’s technologies, insurers using the marketplace can get an initial quote for their reinsurance needs within minutes using an intuitive interface. The marketplace can support several reinsurance structures and multiple perils not often covered by the traditional reinsurance industry, and translate those into uncorrelated assets for the diversification-hungry capital markets.

This is carried out with a fast time to market: After an insurer has gone through the initial pricing quote stage, Vesttoo utilizes its AI-powered modeling algorithms to calculate the terms of the finalized deal, a process that can be done within a few weeks. 

This level of alacrity is expected to become more important in the upcoming years. A recent report from consulting firm McKinsey and Company has stated that “what used to take years must now be done in months or weeks to meet changing demands of the market.”  

“This transaction is a perfect example of Vestto’s risk agnostic, tech-enabled marketplace approach,” says Vesttoo CEO and Co-Founder, Yaniv Bertele. “It demonstrates the value of our technology, but beyond that, it shows there is an increasing appetite in the broader capital markets for the type of insurance-linked investments we can provide.”

Vesttoo continues to develop its marketplace for Life and P&C insurance-based risk transfer and investments to accommodate a fast-growing deal flow, as well as growing investor appetite for predictable, stable yields and diversification opportunities.

By combining capacity from the capital markets with AI-based technologies, Vesttoo is bridging the funding gap, providing protection for cedents of all sizes for a variety of non-catastrophe Life and P&C lines of business, opening the market to a wide range of investors from the capital markets.