Vesttoo’s disruptive solution is based on two technological pillars: AI & Machine Learning and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The cutting-edge algorithms used in these pillars are completely transforming the way non-correlated ILS, longevity and other debt-related securities are issued and managed

AI and machine learning, the “brains” behind the Vesttoo platform, are responsible for risk modeling, index calculation, instant vetted pricing and note structuring. Vesttoo’s proprietary Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) suite enables our index-based deal operating system and ILS marketplace

Why AI and Machine Learning?

Machine Learning and AI use complex algorithms to learn from past experience and improve future decisions accordingly. These algorithms, combined with cross validation processes, provide a priceless tool in the ILS, longevity and debt-related securities markets

Automated Asset Evaluation

The Vesttoo platform uses advanced algorithms for instant, automated and vetted asset evaluation and risk pricing

Risk Modeling and Index Calculation

Risk is modeled and minimized using our proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms. Index is then calculated to fit the risk, ensuring optimal risk transfer to capital markets

Optimized Structuring

AI & machine learning structure insurer data & risk layer with parametric financial structures, optimized for capital capacity placement and risk transfer to the capital markets - providing immediate solvency relief

Objective & Efficient Methodology

Vesttoo’s securitization process is automated, ensuring objectivity and minimizing inefficiencies, human error and the need for expert judgement

Why Distributed Ledger Technology?

DLT is a unique network that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way without a central database. The network is common to any party that has access, and transactions and their details are processed and verified in each terminal. Veracity of each transaction is assured by requiring their validation by all parties in the network

Smart Contracts

DLT is the core of our smart contracts, enabling clear, regulatory compliant and transparent conversion of even the most complex insurance policy pools to dynamically tranched securities matched to the risk appetite of capital markets

Third Party Integration

The DLT network is common to all of its users and allows third parties to access the Vesttoo API and integrate it within their existing infrastructures, down to the per insurance policy premium and claims level

Transparency, Consistency & Privacy

The DLT network can only be accessed by authorized participants, who share the same anonymized data, ensuring transparency, accuracy and privacy and preventing fraud

Index-based Deal Operating System

DLT enables Vesttoo’s marketplace, managing a complex index-based deal operating system while streamlining real-time data and updating the system accordingly